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Legends of the Capilano

Register for the upcoming launch of Legends of the Capilano! The event will be hosted by Massy Books and the Massy Arts Society, and will take place at the Museum of Vancouver on the evening of May 9. Register here


News Coverage re: Maria Campbell's Halfbreed

"Persistence is pivotal in major discovery by archive ninja Alix Shield." SFU Dept. of English, 8 Jan. 2020.

"Maria Campbell on the pain and relief of re-releasing Halfbreed with uncut account of RCMP rape." CBC Radio As It Happens, 29 Nov. 2019.

"Maria Campbell's Halfbreed to be re-released with author's account of rape by Mountie." CBC Radio As It Happens, 19 Dec. 2018.

"Maria Campbell's account of being raped by a Mountie was scrubbed from her memoir Halfbreed." CBC Radio As It Happens, 1 June 2018.